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Tips on how to survive lockdown and working from Home with Lee Ellis

This week we have invited artist Lee Ellis to share some tips on how to stay sane during lockdown and how to manage working from home.

As an artist Lee is used to working alone in his studio, however he is also one of the most disciplined and diligent artists I know, his output is consistent and he is an incredibly hardworking artist. During lockdown he has continued to make artwork related to the crisis, its both humorous and dark, something I think we can all relate to in these unprecedented times.

Without further ado, here are Lee's top 4 tips.

Tip One

Write a to do list for your day and prioritise a top three. Breaking down every task into details. It means you tick off more things and feel like you’ve achieved a lot. An example would be: open studio, paint canvas edges, wrap in bubble wrap, make crate, book courier... you get the idea.

Tip Two

Take regular breaks. Not just playing on your phone. Get up and walk about even if it’s to the kitchen and back to make a cuppa.

Tip Three

Exercise. Do some form of exercise to break up the day and make yourself feel good.

Tip Four

Work the hours that suit you (if you can). I find I’m most productive first thing in the morning, breaking in the afternoon to do a bit more in the evening.


Here's a snapshot of what Lee has been working on during lock down, enjoy.

Check out more of Lee Ellis's work here

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