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Carp Matthew's hilarious insights on studio discipline and practice

This weeks guest artist is Carp Matthew, he's shared his working practices with his usual acerbic wit, enjoy.

Carp Matthew is a visual artist predominately working with oils. He is known for his dark, visceral and grotesque style featuring mutated lost characters, full of longing, despair and banality. He works from his studio in south London.

"I know exactly what I want to get done before the day starts and try and to get any prep work done the night before."

"Going for a walk at some point does wonders for bringing on ideas, I find at least"

"Where possible only work when your in the mood, as otherwise you just churn out guff for the sake of kidding yourself you're being productive"

"I always either have tv/radio/music on in the room whilst painting as again you never know what lump of ridiculousness that might trigger an idea is going to flop out."

"Other than that just take the strangest coffee that's been ever been brewed every half an hour until you pass out"



Carp Matthew has been working on a new series of works responding to the current pandemic. Art often provides a mirror to contemporary society, the glove portraits in particular capture the everyday horror of Covid19, each glove grotesque and almost human in form, solitary and arbitrary. His portraits are powerful and visceral, view Carp Matthews newest collection here

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